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Thank you for visiting to find out more about my coaching. I want to be clear on something straight away…

If you are you looking for a quick fix, or a magic bullet to solve your problems and anxieties, that’s not what I do, there are plenty of coaches and coaching models that promote this possibility. I don’t.

Now that’s not to say I don’t get fast results, sometimes a client can have a significant breakthrough in the first hour, however after 30+ years in this field, and having studied just about every method you can imagine, you cant escape that fact that there are specific laws and principles that govern human behaviour and the world we live in, therefore my coaching solutions are based on these principles, very few are.

In my opinion a coaching method that doesn’t have these principles at its core is either unsustainable or potentially buries ‘issues’ deeper into your subconscious mind that can lead to longer term problems as the issue is never really resolved. You might say it’s the equivalent of painting the house rather repairing the structural damage so the house can stand tall and proud for evermore.

The good news from a human perspective is this work doesn’t need to be that hard, but it does require work and that’s where I come in, (and no you wont be on a couch receiving therapy), you and I will be practically working together in a way that not only helps you find a new perspective during our time together but more importantly gives you a new way of looking at things that will last a lifetime. As you find new answers using these principles you will be set free from the emotional baggage you have been carrying around and will be left with a clearer vision and renewed energy, an energy that can used to enhance any area of life whether that be your relationships; health; business etc because these principles apply across all areas, because they are after all principles!

Well I hope this introduction has at least given you a flavour for my coaching, please do get in touch with any questions or to find out more about booking a coaching session.

All my coaching is based on true laws that govern human behaviour. Every coaching session is based on these fundamental principles around how the mind works.

Can I help?

The Values Factor

Your own personal value system (hierarchy of priorities) is the foundation for every decision you make, it is the basis of all human behaviour.

Therefore if you chose to work with me on any area of your life it is likely that values will form a part of our conversation and work.



My philosophy is simple…
to help you get results fast
& coach you with practical tools
so you have them available to
use again & again in the future.”

I have heard it said that if your closest relationships are troubling you everything else looses its meaning, and that’s probably true."

My philosophy is simple…

…to help you get results fast and coach you with practical tools so you have them available to use again and again in the future.

Whether you have frustrations and limitations you want to break through; need guidance to resolve relationship issues or you have some major goals you want to achieve I will help you in the most practical and effective way.

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